Parenting Tips Before The Baby Starts to Cry

Encouragement Plan For Kids To Love Books

True it may to many that reading books will bring you to the farthest place that the humankind finds it hard to reach. In just reading a story, the author will illustrate you the world of a different dimension, era and world. For most parents, the value of having an interest in reading books is essential in learning.

Read them a book every night

This scene of a parent reading books to their lovely children before sleeping is widely seen in children movies. It may only be a small act of quality time towards your children, but it could be a huge step towards encouraging them to have passion in reading.  Avoid reading a book that they won’t understand the content, try a fairytale, action and with humor, for sure this will attract their attention and you’ll leave them the amazement in their eyes. In addition, you can even make an interactive story that has treasure hunting and fun games, I know it takes a while to make this but the result will surely be worth it.

Respect for every book that they’ll hold

It is important that the kids knows the value of a book, even if it is just a non living thing, but the thought of it that gives happiness in its small simple way is enough already that they should be respected. When the children knows how to respect these inventions, then it signifies their interest to it.

Let them explore the libraries

To convince your little ones to love books just needs a library. There is a difference from just reading a book to your house than to the library it self. Actually, it is the ambiance of the library and  the scent of old books that attracts readers to open a book, then spend their time travelling from a different set of realm. In exploring the libraries, they might discover their inner self being driven to hold those precious pages with respect. Truthfully, reading a book is a choice and you should never force them to read one, because you’ll only leave them a bad experience about it.

Monitor your kids

It is such a glorious scene to watch your kids holding a book, however are you sure that the book they are holding is appropriate to their age? Check the label of the book they are reading to ensure that their passion for it won’t gone wrong. You might be shocked to witness your child reading books that is not suitable for young audiences, it’s better to avoid it, however if they are reading about a semicolon ring and activewear women’s clothing then it’s so fine. Just fill their library with a kid’s book and seperate it from yours that is not within their reach.

Discuss it to them

Reading a book doesn’t really mean that you have to read all the way, it is about talking in regards to the context of the book. We have different opinions on how the story ends, and it feels good to know what your children thinks about it. In this way, you could guess how they envision and appreciate the little things of life.